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Warranty Terms and Conditions

The Warranty Terms and Conditions are given by TDW (Thor’s Drone World) - Manufacturer of LifThor holders, according to the following terms and conditions.:

1) 2-YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST WORKMANSHIP OR MATERIALS: TDW warranties -for a period of 2 years since the purchase of the item. That all LifThor products are free of any defects in workmanship or material that might cause inadequate performance of the unit in proper conditions of use, installation and maintenance.
Should the unit fail to operate properly by the time the present Warranty is in force, due to the arising of defects on its workmanship or material, TDW will be obliged depending on the arisen defect, to repair or to replace the defective unit. The decision whether to repair or to replace the defective equipment will be held in every case only by TDW.

   a) Out of the scope of the present warranty will be any damages and malfunctions of the units which have their origin in:

  • Accidents  

  • Negligent, improper or inadequate use

  • Not following the use, installation and maintenance instructions given in the  User Manual of the respective model when they were purchase.

  •  Modifications or repairing attempts that were not been held by authorized personnel of TDW

  •  Damages due to any other reasons different to the standard use conditions of the unit.

  • Inadequate transport conditions

   b) All complaints concerning aesthetics will not be considered unless they mean a malfunction or a difference in performance.

  c) The Warranty rights established on this document do not cover the shipping cost of the damage unit or parts when sending them to the factory to be repaired, neither when receiving them back.


    3) CLAIMING OF THE WARRANTY RIGHTS: Warranty rights can be claimed during the 2 years the present Warranty is in force and immediately after the failure detection. All units must be have a valid purchased receipt / confirmation -Indicating  LifThor Model , date of purchase, seller and buyer.
  Any customer or end user of LifThor, that considers himself with enough good reasons to claim for the warranty rights declared in this document, must proceed as follows:

  • a) Inform by written document to the supplier, authorized dealer or directly to TDW at The problem and include pictures for reference.

  • b) Once the case has been received by TDW, our Support Department will analyze it in accordance with the Warranty Scope and will informed the customer about the steps to be followed.

  • c) TDW reserves the right to supply a different model to cover the Warranty rights, or for any substitution, in case the original model is not manufactured anymore.  


   4) MANUFACTURES RESPONSIBILITY LIMITATIONS: The responsibility of TDW derived from the present Warranty will be limited to the commitments detailed here above to the amount paid in the purchase order by the customer. There exists no liability of any kind TDW for indirect, special or consequential damage or loss including but not limited to loss of use equipment, loss of profit or revenues, facilities or services, downtime cost and third parties claims. 

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